Be The Light

A few years ago, my (then) Pastor, Kim Poer, spoke about “spreading Joy.” It was a good reminder then and a good reminder now, as well.

Then, I had many responsibilities as a mom and as the director of our church preschool.

Now, I am co-parenting two teens in sports and (still) managing multiple weekly appointments.

And God has blessed us with a new home!!! In the midst of great blessing and a lot of long hours, I am finding that moving and renovating during the holidays requires being intentional about my mindset and the thoughts I dwell on, and especially, the words I say. This season also requires being intentional about rest and refreshing.

There are many responsibilities and this time of year there’s more people out and about as I travel to and fro. But God is so good, and He reminded me of a blog post from a few years ago after my pastor’s sermon on spreading joy.

So again, when I have a limited amount of time to get things done and traffic is slow because of that One Car up front, I’m purposing to say out loud, “Spread Joy”. 

Again–When the lines are long and people around me are acting like they don’t want to be on the Nice List, I’m taking a moment to BE intentional.

To smile, and make eye contact, and say Thank You to those working hard to get the crowd taken care of. 

This is holy work they do, these shepherds, serving all those sheep- even the ones that bite. (As a wise mentor once said; Pastor Marie.)

Sometimes the shepherds need a little light to help them get through the rush and the chaos. To lift their spirits and let them know that Someone remembers they are people, too. 

They have feelings and struggles, and gifts and limitations, and sorrows and joys. And they, too, are doing the best they can to handle all this hustle and bustle. 

A light does not have to be loud, or even very big. The best lights are quiet, and warm, and restful. 

A light may be very small, but even a tiny light can make a great difference in the darkness. 

So, though I may be small, may the Light within me shine bright. 

Though I may be small, may the Light within me be Mighty. 

And though I may be small, may the light within me Spread Joy.

~Rebekah Dayton

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