My Own Voice

 I love words. Oh, yes, I do.  A word can bow, or scroll, or soar. Words are carried into our hearts, and if we choose wisely our words can create life and love and goodness. I love the flow of an ink pen, and the click of the keyboard as I type. My life is full of words… I want to let them pour out with authenticity and grace, though I fear my flaws may often take over. I feel the need to have a space to hold those words, and maybe to reach out to kindred spirits, sojourners who long for simplicity and greater wholeness.

And so I take the risk to nest in a new place- my own blog. Maybe it’s because I work from home, and need a little conversation now and then that is not about helping wounded veterans.  Maybe it’s because I am mother of two medium size boys with medical/special issues, and I would love to talk about something besides Legos and Star Wars– The Clone wars. (There is a difference, I’m told, so we’d better be VERY clear about that.) Maybe because I have a husband who is a medically retired veteran with PTSD (hence the day job) and he spends a lot of time in his office involved in the therapeutic making of stuff. Or maybe I simply want to have a voice, somewhere out there. 

I am, even now, a writer, currently contributing to 3 blogs: (weekly) (consistently-as often as I can) (occasionally- we’re retired now)

Subjects range from medical/special needs, to faith and growing, to needs of military families. So I do blog. Often, but usually within certain parameters that affect the overall direction of my life.  And I’d really love a little nook of my own, a place for ramblings on things like, I don’t know, stripy kitty cats and little boys with chocolate drop eyes.

I don’t know if I have time. Would I really show up? Every day—or at least every week? I’m not really sure, but how will I know if I do not try? So here I go. Is it better to be a guest writer or to attempt to launch out and create a space of my own? Time will tell. And so I begin. 

~Just Me
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